How To Teach Kids Art

Though there are people born with an artistic talent, teaching art early is an effective way to develop the intrinsic skill in children. Here are effective ways to teach children art.

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1. Avoid showing a child how to draw something.

If you would show a child how something is drawn, that child would think it’s the only way to draw and that his job is to copy the drawing. Help the child develop the skill to observe and translate that into creativity. Also, avoid drawing in the child’s paper. Help the child observe the subject and practice drawing in the air the child can follow the contours you make, and when he’s ready, he can practice drawing in paper.

Simplify but do not dumb it down

Never underestimate a child’s creativity. Though, we need to simplify complex things them, make room for them to stretch.

Help them get comfortable with mistakes

Help them understand that they can learn from mistakes. Limit pointing out mistakes because the effect is not helpful. Focus on the things that are working well. Children can often notice the mistakes themselves and when they do, help them evaluate what they can do better.

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Hi, I’m Jonathan Schrag from Provo, Utah. I’m currently studying art at the Brigham Young University (BYU). Visit my page to know more about my works.


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