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Steep Tips: Gopro Tips For Snowboarders

If you’re into snowboarding, you’ve probably come across a lot of YouTube videos giving you tips. It may also have crossed your mind to take your own footage. Doing your own footage is fun, all you need is a GoPro, your board, and these tips.

Image source : ytimg.com

Use the right settings

The recommended setting is 720p at the highest possible fps your camera allows. 120fps for the latest GoPro model. This setting is great for slow mo.

Understanding Protune

If you’re a professional editor, (you’ve probably know what this is), or if you’re taking your footage to a professional editor, then turn it on. If you’re editing the video yourself, turn it off. Protune gives editors a much wider range of colors to work with, but it doesn’t give raw footage.

Image source : grindtv.com

Shoot from different angles

It’s easier if you have a team shooting your run, then you can just do it one time. But if you’re shooting your own run, then do it a few times with the camera mounted in different positions. This gives you, or your editor more choices when you make your final footage.

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